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Hi everybody,

first of all let me congratulate everybody for their great work. I am a software developer, so over time I will probably contribute to it's development.

I am also a home automation enthusiast who would like to use OpenRemote in his own home. In my solution, everything is custom and built around a BeagleBone Black controller. I have custom hardware that connects via SPI to the BBB in a centralized point from which long wires go through the house (let's remember wires are the cheapest part in any home automation solution). OpenRemote is used as a remote over UDP and UDPListener protocols to control my custom python driver.

At the moment I have already corrected and enhanced the UDPListener so that it accepts multiple sensors with the same regex. The problem is that I am lost in the sources. I can't seem to figure out which is the real trunk folder... the folder where all development is merged for a release. From what I can tell there is not one trunk with multiple branches for feature development, but multiple trunks ???

Hope the forum is active and somebody can help me.

PS: Is there a schedule for the next release ? I would like to know so that I could send my changes to the responsible person

Best Regards,

Hello Lucian,

There's no 'trunk', the merges appear in /tags.

For your contributions to be included (and write access to repository), we require a contributor agreement. Send me an email to juha at openremote org for details.

Posted by juha at Feb 14, 2014 10:44

Regarding multiple sensors on one protocol you can also take a look at the shellexe protocol which already supports this.

Posted by mredeker at Feb 16, 2014 20:23

Thanks for the suggestion.
I have already did that, but in my case I would go with UDP + UDPListener with some enhancements.

Posted by mokm at Feb 18, 2014 13:08
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