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Hello there.

i downloaded openremote zip file, uncompressed the content to folder /opt/openremote and run it with -run (and -start) on my Mac running Mavericks.
Then i launched the website http//localhost:8080/controller and wanted to upload my zip configuration, but i always get the error "The path 'file:/opt/openremote/../webapps/controller' doesnt exist."
I changed the permissions of the directory to 777 but this didn't help.
What can i too to get it work? Please help me.

Thank you

So i found the solution in another Forum:


The problem is due to a relative path written in the file located in /home/pi/OpenRemote/webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/

Edit the config.propertis file and replace the line:


with the line


or whatever is your complete path to such location.

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