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after several attempts to setup remote access of the Openremote app for andriod . Now is working.

In my case the controller is behind the isp modem and a router which delivers the IP on my network ..

I made a change in the controller port of 8080 to XXXX , configure a dyndns service and did port forward the modem and router

In the application for android (I have a samsung s3 ) to connect outside the local network the address is as follows

http:// <wan address of the controller> : port / controller

to make it work was also needed to go to the designer and change the controller port and this port must be the same in the server.xml file. in my case I change port 8080 because I did not work for me.

Generally speaking I can say that the lights can turn off and on and it would appear that as if I were on the local network .

I can say that everything I need works fine with Openremote. In my case the controller runs on a computer with windows. I can control Infrared devices with a Itach from global cache, program macros, timers etc. and everything works fine.

My next step to acquire the pro version of the designer, my only question is whether the pro version you have a template for the graphics or at least some tools that do not imply that the user will become a specialist in photoshop.

For those doing the numbers I can tell you that putting together a controller capable of handling (the audio and video more lights (vera lite to control lights) cost me 40% less than the cost of a hc-800 control4 controller.

I think This will be my hobby for the rest of the year...


Unbenannt.png (image/png)

The pro designer does contain some templates which have nice graphics which you can use.

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