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I currently use misterhouse for my home automation and a reasonable chunk of the hardware is based on 1wire devices.
Looking in the forum, there appears to be plenty of support for temperature sensors and some outputs.
All of my 1wire I/O devices use DS2406 as the primary device. The ds2406 typically has two I/o pins. I use one for a input and one for a output. Ie a switch input to turn on the light and thd output the actually turns the light on.
I also use the inputs in PIR sensors. I use cat5 cable daisy changed from pir to lights to temperature etc etc.

The issue is that I see know reference to openremote and 1wire inputs or for that matter ds2406s.
Are these supported in Openremote?

The upcoming 2.1 release (check the latest download) should support input devices.
There was some success with switches already. I don't know if the user who tested this used the DS2406.

Posted by mredeker at Jul 01, 2013 08:19

Look at
There is new 1-wire implementation coming to OpenRemote 2.2.
It supports both 1-wire alarming strategy (very effective) and switchable devices.
Currently it supports DS2408 only, but if you are interested DS2406 can be added quite easily.

Posted by tkucharski at Nov 12, 2013 14:18

Yes I would be interested in getting this going on my Synology DS412+.
Currently I use Misterhouse on a windows XP machine. It talks to my 1wire stuff directly via a RS232 port and a DB9<>1wire adapter. It does not use OWFS at all. All coded internally inside MH.

I would like to see the DS2406 going, this is what I primarily use. An example is a small interface port where the PIO.A is an O/P (Relay driving lights) and the PIO.B is an I/P (PIR movement sensor). Alternatively, the PIO.A could be an I/P and the PIO.B could be an O/P.
As example, have a look at this link Powered Input & Relay Output Board
The black boxes in the pictures at the bottom.
I have one of these on virtually every light.

Kind regards,

Posted by nwe at Nov 13, 2013 09:18

Are you going to move to owfs? 1-wire OR adapter is based on lib that connects to 1-wire network via owfs.
Does PIO.B is working in alarming state or is it just read periodically every 10ms or so?
Changing responsibility for PIO.A or PIO.B (to work as a I/P) is done via configuration.

Posted by tkucharski at Nov 13, 2013 09:40

Good Morning Tom,

Yes the plan is to move across to OWFS. Just need to figure out how to install on my Synology DS412+?
At the moment Misterhouse does not use the Alarm states in there driver but it would be so much easier and faster on the network if these were implemented on PIO.A & PIO.B.

Kind regards,

Posted by nwe at Nov 13, 2013 20:42
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