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Is it possible OpenRemote to run on ARM based 400 MHz CPU and 64 MB SDRAM? What are the minimum software requirements for an Linux setup? I'm thinking to buy an ARM SBC board to run the OpenRemote and other things on it.

The issue you're going to have with ARM is finding a reliable Java virtual machine for it. I haven't yet although it's been on my TODO list for quite some time now (just busy with other things).

There are several choices but if you're going to try on your own, anything that is based on GNU Classpath library will not work, so you will need to use OpenJDK class libraries (Java 6) instead.

Many Java VMs on ARM I've seen so far have defaulted on GNU Classpath instead so that's a bit of an issue. One that's been recommended but I haven't tried yet is the Zero VM with OpenJDK libraries.

CacaoVM (which works on ARM) at least in theory compiles with OpenJDK class libraries but I still had issues with under Ubuntu – never tracked down to the cause of it.

If you discover something additional to this, would be interested to know.

Other than that I think the HW would be fine – 64MB is pretty much minimum for us but should work (as long as its not used by other things, the Java runtime will need something close to that).

Posted by juha at Jun 16, 2010 23:03

Many thanks for this comprehensive answer, Juha
The thing is I would like to run other things on that board, which also take huge amount of resources. So, maybe ARM is not a good choice in that case, especially with the Java VM issues. Do you know any cheap Atom based board with ADC, GPIOs and small size (smaller than mini-ITX)?

Thanks in advance

Posted by mishoboss at Jun 17, 2010 08:12

Not really, unfortunately. They do exist, if you browse the industrial catalogs but tend to be somewhat expensive (or requiring bulk orders sometimes).

Is the ALIX 3d3 not an option (you need something smaller than mini-ITX)?

Posted by juha at Jun 17, 2010 09:30

ALIX 3d3 as much as I know has just 4 GPIOs and they use 3 of them for the LEDs. I need a board that has 8 GPIOs as a minimum and 16 would be really great!
mini-ITX is also an option, so if you know any cheap board with GPIOs, I'll very appreciated.

Posted by mishoboss at Jun 17, 2010 11:13
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