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Hi all,

currently I am looking for a method to read and write from/to devices on the knx bus. Recently I found the Openremote iKNX app and installed it. I have the Weinzierl 770 IP interface installed and it worked directly with it (you can add it to the list of working devices!).I was impressed.

Due to the fact that there is no middleware or boss-server installed at my home, this small app must directly talk to the knx bus. Can anyone give me a hint how to do this? I don't think that there is a falcon implementation for iPhone apps, so there must obviously another way to get in contact to the knx-bus. To make it clear: I do not want to develop iPhone apps - I only want to connect a piece of C-software to the knx-bus running on a PC with windows and I don't want buy the expensive falcon-library.

Can anyone help me or give me a hint?



Hello Thomas,

OR KNX uses a KNX library I wrote. As it's for the iPhone it is written in - guess - Objective C. It needs itself a library for asynchronous UDP handling (

If you want to have a look at the library, here's the repository:


Posted by jfalkenberg at Aug 09, 2010 05:48

Hi Jörg,

thanks a lot. This is a good reason to start learning Objective-c



Posted by tom9000 at Aug 09, 2010 10:48


I try to understand how your library works for use in one of my software.

I am a beginner with the EIB.

Do you have an example of using to send a command "on" or "off" simply on the EIB bus?

As I understand I have to use [knxConnection sendDaten: mitNutzLast:]?

Thank you very much for your help
best regards

Posted by bebnt at Oct 13, 2011 16:22


I try to understand too how your lib is working and now I am on the part to sending data like 'on' or 'off' or something else to the device.

Could you please give me a suggestion how to use the sendDaten command.

Thank you very much

Tsanko Dimitrov

Posted by tsanko at Feb 01, 2013 15:06
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