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Is anyone actively working on this?

I am interested in the possibility of extracting information about a particular KNX RF device, a Viessmann "Funk-Kesselansteuerung, Best.-Nr. 7248 974". Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a VD file for it.

As an experiment, I downloaded Siemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5 from to see what I could extract from it.

First steps:

$ file Siemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5
Siemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5: Zip archive data, at least v1.0 to extract
$ unzip -l Siemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5
Archive: Siemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5
C:\Program Files\Ets\Database
Length Date Time Name
-------- ---- ---- ----
9 01-19-04 11:39 Program Files/Common Files/EIBA sc/eteC/MASK/mask0011.bin
19 01-19-04 11:39 Program Files/Common Files/EIBA sc/eteC/MASK/mask0012.bin
136112 04-17-00 04:00 Program Files/Ets/Database/1/library/001_347c.dll
301472 04-24-01 10:56 Program Files/Ets/Database/1/library/001_58xa.dll
9920 10-27-98 11:12 Program Files/Ets/Database/1/library/001_main.dll
362800 09-17-04 10:34 Program Files/Ets/Database/1/library/001c141.dll
129186762 08-11-10 14:23 Program Files/Ets/Database/ets.vd_
-------- -------
129997094 7 files
$ unzip iemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5
Archive: Siemens_PDB_Aug_2010.vd5
C:\Program Files\Ets\Database
Siemens\_PDB\_Aug\_2010.vd5 Program Files/Common Files/EIBA sc/eteC/MASK/mask0011.bin password:

I then tried the same file with KNX ETS3 Professional Version 3.0f (Build 00990) operating in demo mode. This successfully imported all the device descriptions without requesting a password. This took a number of hours on my relatively modest laptop!

Not sure if the use of password protection is intended to restrict access to the contents of VD files to users of KNX ETS software. Maybe the password or passwords are secret to KNX?

Hello John,

There's no one working on this actively at the moment, as far as I know.

Would be quite interested in understanding what you can accomplish and how we can integrate what you've done with OpenRemote.

– Juha

Posted by juha at Sep 22, 2010 15:52

I have been looking at the pre-release information on KNX ETS4. One thing that caught my eye was that ETS4 makes extensive use of XML. In ETS4Flyer_EN_View.pdf it states "the use of the platform-independent universal standard XML makes it possible to access all KNX project related information in text form". This might make life easier than trying to cope with product database files in encrypted zip format!

I also noted that the entry level ETS4 Lite is going to be available for a more manageable Euro 100 plus tax and that ETS4 Demo is a "free of charge test and trial version; very small test projects" which suggests that it is less crippled than ETS3 Demo. I will take a closer look after the ETS4 release date.

Something I am considering is setting up a small test system using KNX-RF based on a Calao Systems USB-KNX-RF-C01 USB key and a Siemens SSA955 (or similar) radiator control actuator. It would be interesting to see if ETS4 Demo would be able to do anything vaguely useful with these two.

Posted by jconnett at Oct 15, 2010 16:03

Hello John,

Yes the ETS4 promises to make the KNX a lot more accessible, so hope it can deliver.

Keep us updated on what you find regarding this – very interested. We want to offer an ETS4 import in OpenRemote Designer soon.


– Juha

Posted by juha at Oct 15, 2010 16:56
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