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Hello Experts!

Excuse my english...

I'm searching a smartphone and the new Phone 7 platform is looking really good! I get in my new house a knx-system and so i want use openremote on my new smartphone.

Are u planing a App for "phone 7" or should i use the java-based open-remote?

Thanks a lot for the answer!

Hello Martin,

At least initially, we plan to support Windows 7 and other non-iOS and non-Android platforms via a mobile web client usable from the web browser.

This has not yet been tested so nothing you can try right now, unless you're a developer type and can build and fix things from the Subversion source tree.

Posted by juha at Dec 08, 2010 08:32

Thank's for the fast answer!

Then I wait first and otherwise I just buy Android! Only the beautiful packaging for the software is missing ... A "Samsung Omnia 7" is unfortunately not with Android ...


Posted by neu_gierig at Dec 08, 2010 14:51
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