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With the release of the Motorola Xoom, will openremote support These new devices?

I tried to update the apk targeting Android 3.0 and making a Custom panel of 1280by800.  Still not getting the full screen size on the emulator or Xoom.

Posted by pdanders at Mar 03, 2011 05:05

The current APK is built against API 3 that requires supported screen resolution to be explicitly set in the AndroidManifest.xml if my memory serves correctly.

So either that needs to be updated, or you need to compile the APK against a more recent API version (it should compile up to API 8 at least, last time I tried).

Posted by juha at Mar 04, 2011 09:18

Got it.  Thanks!

AndroidManifest.xml add

<supports-screens android:xlargeScreens="true"


    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="9" />

Target HoneyComb during build

Posted by pdanders at Mar 04, 2011 22:04

I've checked in something very similar to the change listed above in my staging branch at , along with a change to get the "Action Bar" to appear on Android 3 devices, which was necessary due to the lack of a menu button on the Android 3 emulator.

Posted by cortextual at Mar 24, 2011 22:51

Any updates on official support for Android tablets using Honeycomb? I recently purchased an Acer Iconia tablet and installed OpenRemote. I can open an Android phone panel I created, but of course it uses only a small portion of the screen due to the fixed resolution. I also tried creating a custom panel, but I've found that the text on the buttons aren't being rendered. I would love to see an official Android tablet panel added.


Posted by jammastercd at Sep 20, 2011 18:28

I've uploaded a snapshot APK binary for download, available here:

Gave it a quick test with a custom sized screen on Samsung Galaxy Tab – the screen size was rendered correctly.

Please let us know if you find any issues with this version.


– Juha

Posted by juha at Oct 12, 2011 23:21

Which branch or workspace can I find those changes in Juha? Its working great but I'm getting annoyed that the panels slide in from the right instead of just load normally.

Is there any branch which supports both? If not I can try and fix it myself.

Posted by jensa at Feb 13, 2012 21:01

It's under

Posted by juha at Feb 18, 2012 19:16
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