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First I would like to congratulate the OpenRemote developers, because it is really amazing to control my home !
I managed to configure my lights et my shutters on my iPad, but I have some few problems.

1 - When I put the slider vertically, it give the value 100 at the top and the value 0 at the bottom. The problem is that when the shutters are closed, the button of the slider is at the top because the value returned by my KNX device is 100. I would like to reverse the slider, how can I do that ?

2 - Only the thumb of sliders is dysplayed on my Ipad, I think there is bug...

3 - How can I add some pictures to the beehive ?


Hello Matthieu,

I'm re-working the way the panel is rendered on iOS for the 2.1 release of the application. I'll take a look at those issues then.
If you're able to build the iOS application and want to be on the bleeding edge, check this branch :

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 02, 2011 14:50

how can I run the branch? do I have to download it and run locally? any tips?

Posted by hihi at Sep 14, 2011 21:45

You would need to have the iOS development tools (Xcode) and be part of the paid developer program (to be able to install on a physical device).
You then checkout the source code from the svn repository and build and install using Xcode.

Posted by ebariaux at Sep 16, 2011 08:21
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