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Can we design a complete interface without having any controllable devices ?
I explain, I would like to design an interface, and in further link all the system command.
But I need to see the switch, sliders, working....


I have used the "virtual" protocol for this in the past and likely will be again shortly. I'm not sure if that's available in the Composer, but can be used by editing XML files by hand at least.

Posted by cortextual at Dec 22, 2011 22:53

I've added it back to Designer, it got dropped by accident in the previous deployment.

You can use it for on/off for switches, it should also return a numeric value for range/level statuses.

Command: on/off/status
Address: any arbitrary address string – commands that are aggregated to same component (e.g. switch) should use the same address string.

Posted by juha at Dec 26, 2011 17:45

Thanks a lot.
Happy to helped you.

Posted by maema at Dec 26, 2011 18:38


maybe a bug somewhere.
I use virtual device and get an error.
After Sync, under WebConsole I get this error : "panel.xml not found"
and same on the iPhone too.

Posted by maema at Dec 27, 2011 13:41

Maybe I got some problem on my computer server, so i use

But I get this when pressing the button on the iPhone (also the switch look like défault one and didn't show personal png) :

Command Failed
The command was sent to an invalid URL.

for Address I used "switch".

PS on OSX 10.7, how to make openremote launch at startup ?

Posted by maema at Dec 27, 2011 14:22
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