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Hi Juha,
in our house we can read with ETS3 the temperature outside and inside:

  • outside: Merten knx weather station 2420/1.2; we use the knx command 5/0/1 (5/0/2 for wind, 5/0/3 for Rain)
  • inside: Gewiss Chorus Thermostat 14791; we use the command 4/0/4

In ETS3 all this are 2 byte command, 9.001 Degrees Celsius.

How can I do with the OR Designer to read the two temperature ?

I read some post, but I don't undestood....sorry

Good news: My controller works fine


Just create a KNX command with DPT 9.001 and command "status".
Then use a custom sensor. That should give you the value eg. "21.1" as string.

Posted by mredeker at Dec 28, 2011 23:43

Great, done... it works

Can I try also with:

  • lux sensor (9.004 lux) ?
  • wind speed (9.005 m/s) ?


Posted by mb at Dec 29, 2011 06:39

I think it's in already. Either you can try the concrete DPT's (9.004 and 9.005) or you try also with 9.001 since they are also 2 byte values.

Posted by mredeker at Dec 29, 2011 14:29

I tried with 9.001, (with 9.004 the controller don't work and give me error)

I created a command status 9.001.
In the custom sensor:
I can use the name "Wind" or "Speed" ?
It's correct the value eg. "20.99" ?

Thanks Markus

Posted by mb at Dec 30, 2011 15:27

You can verify your value in ETS to see if the "20.99" matches your Wind speed.
The name in the sensor does not matter.

Posted by mredeker at Dec 30, 2011 15:51

Great Marcus,
it works !!

lux and wind sensor


Posted by mb at Dec 31, 2011 10:16
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