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Just found out about OpenRemote - looks very promising.

Quick question though: As owner of an older house where we've retrofitted with Jung's RF switches, dimmers etc, I am curious if someone has looked into feasibility of supporting them from OpenRemote.

Jung (and Gira) use technology from Insta ( for their home automation products. The RF ones are described at

I am right now using a rather heavily modified version of HomeAutomation (, nice project but not really flexible when it comes to UI design.

Anyway, by hooking up a RF transceiver ( to a USB-to-serial dongle, I can send commands to my various Jung devices from a small linux box.

So my question is: Anyone else done similar things with Jung RF devices, using OpenRemote?


Direct support is not available yet.
If you can control using RS232, you could create native support, if you are a Java developer.

The ez-control device ( just announced that there latest beta firmware supports Gira,Berker and Jung.
ez-control can be controlled via HTTP which is available in OpenRemote.
More information in the thread:

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