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Hello All,
sorry I've been struggling to get my machine setup to develop as I've never played with Web Apps before. The Controller is fine I've no problems there but I'm afraid on the Designer side all I'm reading is in a foreign language. Not a great place to be. I got a book to start with and got mysql and tomcat installed but struggling with the readme.txt file in the Designer root directory.

It's the Beehive I'm afraid. I've searched and found a page:

but I have not the slightest clue what Beehive is and where to download it from. Had a look on the download page of OpenRemote but can't see it there.

I know I have to configure config/ as stated in the readme.txt but if somebody could point me in the right direction for the Beehive I'd be grateful. If it's not actually needed for development work and I can get the Modeler running locally without it that'd be perfect. Then I'd only have to work out URL's for mysql and login details.

Thanks for any help.

Hi John,

Beehive is the database on which the openremote is relying.
You can download it from the SVN repository
the instructions to installed it is on the Beehive readme.txt

Posted by yannph at Feb 02, 2012 07:30

Hi Yann et al,

I am having difficulties to download Beehive - The link above "" Feeds back "We're having trouble finding that snapshot. Would you like to resubmit?".
Could you please Point me at the right direction?

Cheers, Brassa

Posted by brassalui at Dec 03, 2013 07:46

Here is the new entry point of the Beehive repository:
from this folder, select the version you'd like to download.

Posted by yannph at Dec 03, 2013 08:15

Thank you very much Yann!

Posted by brassalui at Dec 03, 2013 08:38
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