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Just wondering if anyone has had success creating a slider volume bar for XBMC? simple volume up and down controls are all good, sensor with the current volume also working but can't workout a slider.

Also - This probably isn't feasible with the architecture of the controller/handset etc but is it possible to launch another android app from the openremote app?

I can't get my remote even (remotely ) close to Yatse for XBMC so would like to open it up when I click on one of my activities for XBMC I've setup.



To answer your second question: unfortunately no, some Java programming skills are required. This is discussed here: Calling android apps.

If you are capable of helping, please participate in that thread.

Posted by juha at Sep 06, 2013 22:19

I haven't been able to work out how to make a working volume sensor for XBMC. I too am trying to make a volume slider, and I thought this was all I was lacking. Can you share how you made the sensor and perhaps we can both work on making a working slider.

Posted by hellphish at Oct 10, 2013 21:36

Take a look at this thread:

Posted by mredeker at Oct 11, 2013 09:28

Hi Chris,

See this as well

I ended up getting a sliding volume sensor to work with XBMC so can help you out.

Are you able to send simple commands such as navigate up and down to your XBMC?



Posted by moad at Oct 11, 2013 09:32
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