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updated OpenRemote Console to version 2.1.1. Since then my sliders do not work anymore. The thumbs can only be moved a short way, then they hang.... ;-(

Based on the description I assumed only rendering does not work correctly, in my understanding a cosmetic item. But I did not understand that there is a functional issue...

How can I fix that?


IMG_0828[1].PNG (image/png)

I also upgraded my iPhone to 2.1.1 today, and am having a similar problem. In addition, the slider goes right off the end of the range.

Posted by jbforth at Feb 20, 2013 22:42

There were no known functional issues, but it seems there have been bugs not caught by testing.

Are the sliders used in a group that contains multiple screens? Somebody reported an interaction between the page swipe of pages in a group and the slider.

Also, can you post the version of iOS you're using ? On which device ?


Posted by ebariaux at Feb 21, 2013 12:39

hi Eric,

iOS: 6.1.2 on iphone 4 and on ipad 3.

-> On iphone only a one-Screen demo runs fine, including the single slider.
-> On ipad 3 I put a multi screen design (all in default group), and here all sliders react the same way like described earlier. Means they hang after a short distance...

hope that helps.


Posted by itchako at Feb 21, 2013 14:14

Here is another data point in case it helps. I am running IOS 6.1.2 on an iPhone 5. I have the sliders set to vertical mode, as there did seem to be an interaction with the horizontal swipe used to switch between screens. However, I also just created a new panel with only one screen and a single vertical slider. The behavior is still pretty similar: the slider is hard to control with your finger, and slides above the end of the range so that the indicator dot is sitting off by itself.

Posted by jbforth at Feb 21, 2013 15:09

I've clearly identified and fixed the first issue : interaction between slider and pagination gestures.

I'm not seeing the second issue you're describing. Are you using custom images ? Could you maybe post (or send to eric at openremote dot org) a screenshot ?


Posted by ebariaux at Feb 22, 2013 08:32

Thanks again for reporting, your issue has also been identified and resolved.

In summary, known issues with slider on 2.1.1 are:

  • interaction between slider and pagination swipe, only occurs when multiple screens used in the group
  • slider thumb going out of range and getting stuck, this happens when linked to a range sensor starting at a non 0 value

Fixes are available in this branch on svn :

We'll go through a quick round with the beta testers and will then submit update to Apple for inclusion in AppStore.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 23, 2013 08:27


is there a possibility to test this myself in advance too?
How can this be done, simply copy some fixed files and try or compilation etc necessary?
Is there a perhaps even documentation available how to use SVN development versions?


Posted by itchako at Feb 23, 2013 08:36

You need to have a Mac, Xcode and be part of the iOS developer program to deploy on a device.

There are some instructions regarding SVN, compilation, ... here but it might be a bit outdated.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 23, 2013 08:59

hi Eric,

downloaded and compiled 2.1.1 but during loading process it throughs an exception:
OpenRemote[17762:c07] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'UIViewControllerHierarchyInconsistency', reason: 'A view can only be associated with at most one view controller at a time! View <UIView: 0x8580620; frame = (0 0; 768 1024); autoresize = W+H; layer = <CALayer: 0x857fc50>> is associated with <PaginationController: 0x8584c20>. Clear this association before associating this view with

As I am coming from Windows and Unix PC's I am not really familiar with Apple iOS programming so I must think a little bit if I will spend the 99 bucks a year only for OpenRemote preprod testing ... But I must confess it can become reality although...

Thanks already now for the fixed new realease, and if it bothers not too much it would be great if you could give me a hint why the version is not working currently in the simulator (See error above).


Posted by itchako at Feb 24, 2013 10:56

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the current code base has issues with SDK 6.x
So the application needs to be compiled with an SDK 5.1 or lower, which means Xcode 4.4.1 or below.

Not sure if that version of Xcode is still publicly available or if you need to be a registered developer to download it.
Of course, it's on our todo list to make it fully compatible with the latest SDK, but it take times and there are some bits of code inherited from the past that need to be cleaned up.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 24, 2013 19:10

Version 2.1.2, fixing the reported slider issues, has been submitted to Apple for review.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 25, 2013 08:14

Jakob, if you want to be a beta tester for the iOS console, just drop me an e-mail at eric at openremote dot org and I'll send you an invite.

Posted by ebariaux at Feb 26, 2013 17:59

Version 2.1.2 has been approved and is available in the AppStore. Should fix reported issues with sliders.

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 02, 2013 07:18

I just upgraded to 2.1.2 on iOS and now any page with a slider on it crashes the app. Or just loading a group (with a page with a slider) crashes the app.

I am on iOS 4.2.1 (can't upgrade as it is an older gen ipod touch).

Is there any way to downgrade the app?

Posted by mdarwin at Mar 19, 2013 01:45

Thanks for reporting, this is an oversight from me, using an API call available only on iOS 5 and above.
I'll check that and will push a new release to the AppStore with a fix.

In the meantime, you can only downgrade if you have a copy of the old ipa file on your Mac/PC. You should then put that back in your iTunes library and sync again.

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 19, 2013 10:10

This should be fixed in v 2.1.3 which is now available in the AppStore.

Posted by ebariaux at Apr 03, 2013 12:41

Great! It works.


Posted by mdarwin at Apr 04, 2013 02:52
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