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hi experts,

First of all, I should thank you start so great project for people. I've studied it for a long time. Its design is so awesome. I come from China, i feel this project should do some modification for Chinese marketing.

First, the controller should be good to run on a embedded device, router, modem and some other network device. Why I don't agree it run in a computer. Because my China user will shut down them computer when they not use it for studying and working. They are not very easy to accept their computers is running all day. Instead may people has accepted the network routers is running whenever. For my opinion, so I think the controller may should have a version wrote in C. And the new version may not a web server, it should be a TCP server. In another words. The communicate protocol between panels and controller should be TCP. Maybe this communicate protocol is stabler than current communicate protocol. Maybe this work will be very hard, I don't know wether webConsole will be rewrite. I afraid it's not very easy to implement a TCP communication in Java. I'm not a java programmer. So maybe I worry too much.
And you may think computer is powerful than a embedded device, because computers have some many interfaces to support many devices. But I should day , in China, many home is not very big. so they only need one control interface.

Second. frankly, I should say I still don't known how panels communicate with controller remotely, I mean, via internet, instead local network. In china, many home access internet with a router or modem. these network devices will be assigned a internet ip address. unfortunately, these IP addresses is not fixed, they only stay in a period, may be a few day, or hours. So maybe the beehive should support a way to exchange the Ip address for panels and controller. And the real situation will be more complex, if the controller does not link to internet directly. How to inform the router link to internet directly do the port foreword setting automatically. Maybe should use some p2p technique to implement remote communicate.

Third, why controller download the zip file. Way not panels? security? As you known, smart phones have been very powerful. They almost have enough internal storage to store the UI image files. So i guess if panels has a copy of image files, may panels will works faster when draw the UIs.

The above just is my own opinion.
Any feedback will be very appreciated.

Quick answers:


  • Beyond that, if there's sufficient demand (1000+ orders) we can help with producing tailored hardware box for OpenRemote, including options (network routing, z-wave, etc.).
  • There's nothing in the architecture that prevents TCP communication or makes it especially difficult. There's so far no demand for it. HTTP is universal and easier to integrate, making web consoles and Javascript based integrations trivial. Beyond that web sockets might be an option but not widely supported yet. TCP is the least convenient protocol to use for integration.


  • It's HTTP and IP based. Pretty trivial if you know networking.
  • We'll provide a service for users who are not familiar with networking on how to set this up.


  • The image and other resources are already stored on the panels.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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i am very appreciated your answers.

Do you have office in China? we want to product a box. This box can run linux, and no java runtime. We want integrate controller into our box.

could you give me some resource to help me test the remote control function?

I think I must review the newest code.

have a great day

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