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I would like to compile OpenRemote from sources to get distributed version which is currently downloadable from

I followed and did checkout of OpenRemote_Boss_2_0_0_Alpha8 but this tagged version seems not to be the source of distributed version. For example distributed version has in controller class whereas tag Alpha8 does not have this class.

There is not also WebConsole included in tag Alpha8.

I browsed the svn sources and trunk seems most uptodate. But source code of webconsole is quite incomplete if I compare it with richturner's workspace.

Which branches, tags should I use to get the latest version (preferably stable) 2_0_0 if I want to build controller + webconsole + android?

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Hello Fekete,

Nice to hear from you again.


Anything stable is always under tag.

Posted by juha at Sep 13, 2012 11:33

Hello Juha,
OK, these are the sources for controller with prepacked webconsole.war. But I would like to know which sources were used to build distributed version of webconsole.
I would expect to find somewhere structure like:

  • tags
    • Alpha8
      • Android Console
      • Beehive
      • Controller
      • UIDesigner
      • Webconsole
      • ..

... I mean something like trunk has.

But when I built controller and webconsole from trunk webconsole was the old one.
I want to find why webconsole cannot be enlarged to monitor size I used with the older webconsole but last two weeks I am not able to get debuggable version with controller which suits its webconsole.

Posted by fekete kamosh at Sep 13, 2012 19:01

Posted by juha at Sep 13, 2012 21:39
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