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is EventListener available in OpenRemote 2.0.1?

I would like to solve my issue as described in this 1-year post:

Thanks in advance!

I just created a version of TCP command which is using EventListener.
It's not released yet but available as source. Also, the designer does not know about the new attributes yet.

Posted by mredeker at Jan 31, 2013 14:15

Can you please point me to the code branch which has this.

Any idea when it would be in the stable release?

Posted by sacbhale at Mar 04, 2013 21:48

SVN: workspace/juha/Controller_2_1_0_FM_ORCJAVA-298/

Issue: ORCJAVA-298


Posted by admin at Mar 05, 2013 05:59

Got it. Thanks. But that does not seem to be what Jacek was asking and what I was looking for.
I am looking to see if there is an implementation of a passive TCP socket which listens for events to be sent to it instead of doing any polling.

Right now I have a situation where my server is unable to keep up with the amount of requests from OR. Similar to what was posted in the original thread a year ago (

I can deal with it by slowing it down to be poll every 2 seconds. But that creates a big lag between when I click on a button in the UI and it changes its state to show the updated device state.

So I am looking for something similar to UDP listener but with TCP/HTTP instead where I can have status updates pushed to OR rather than it incessantly polling.

Posted by sacbhale at Mar 05, 2013 17:33

You're right, didn't read the original post carefully and indeed the comment on the event listener issue not the solution.

Started a rewrite of the TCP protocol some time ago that included this feature (that is, supporting a listener port – not connecting polling TCP commands to panel use is yet another topic) but it is not solid enough for testing yet. Can't say for sure when I've the time to get back to it but will try to keep you updated.

Posted by juha at Mar 05, 2013 17:44


that would be great. appreciate your time on this important feature.

I am in the same situation as SACHIN. I am polling sensors on a PIC micro-controller board which by nature has very limited resources to deal with continuous polling.

Posted by kbdeir at Mar 05, 2013 18:07

Ok, just a reminder, the UDP does include this functionality already if you have a choice which IP transport to use.

Posted by juha at Mar 06, 2013 11:04

Any progress on this? Is it available yet? If not can you point me to the svn location if you have anything at all checked in. I can maybe hack it together to work for my situation till it waits for official completion and check in.
I would offer to help but I don't have the skills to write it from scratch. But I can probably shoehorn something that is partly done.

Posted by sacbhale at Nov 12, 2013 22:55
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