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In the OR newsletter I got today is an article "Give your Vera a new dimension":

"[...] Vera could already be controlled by OpenRemote thanks to it's http commands and XML status file. Howevere, working with Marcus we managed to have a really responsive and load less protocol. Now, your OpenRemote designs are as responsive as the original MicasaVerde user interface! [...]"

I know the Howto but where can I find more information about this new protocol?

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The how to is all that exists at this moment. What type of information are you looking for?

Posted by juha at Apr 08, 2013 13:29

Oh, I thought this howto was the "old" one and there is now a more "load less protocol" with even more "responsiveness"

Regarding the howto I wonder why the status requests from vera are in xml format and not json as recommended by Micasaverde to save vera ressources?

I wrote a a simple php-wrapper based on jsonpath, if someone is interested:


$d = $_GET["d"];  # d = device
$c = $_GET["c"];  # c = command

switch ($c) {

# o(n)
case "n":
$res = http_get("http://$vera_ip:3480/data_request?id=lu_action&output_format=json&DeviceNum=$d&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1&action=SetTarget&newTargetValue=1", array("timeout"=>5));

# o(f)f
case "f":
$res = http_get("http://$vera_ip:3480/data_request?id=lu_action&output_format=json&DeviceNum=$d&serviceId=urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1&action=SetTarget&newTargetValue=0", array("timeout"=>5));

# s(t)atus
case "t":
$parser = new Services_JSON(SERVICES_JSON_LOOSE_TYPE);
$o = $parser->decode($status);
$devicestatus = jsonPath($o, "$.devices[?(@['id']==$d)].status");
$status = $devicestatus[0];
if ($status == 0) { echo "off"; } else { echo "on"; };

# s(c)ene
case "c":
$res = http_get("http://$vera_ip:3480/data_request?id=lu_action&serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1&action=RunScene&SceneNum=$d", array("timeout"=>5));


Posted by emster at Apr 08, 2013 13:40

I think the difference was that the state is fetched with a single request for all devices/sensors, rather than individually for each sensor as it was before.

But no there's no bidirectional "push" from Vera to OpenRemote. I don't recall the discussions earlier if Vera supports broadcasting such sensor states actively rather than forcing a polling method to be used?

Thanks for posting your script btw, appreciated. Noted it down, will try to find a place for it somewhere in the wiki once I have time.

Posted by juha at Apr 08, 2013 13:53

If you want to place my script in a wiki, here is the corresponding get-status.php which runs on the webserver to get the sensor status from vera every second.

To further minimize the status-polling between OR controller and webserver I tried with shell execution protocol like here
but doesn't work for me. Get always the Error:

2013-04-08 15:17:38,001 ERROR [Controller Definition File Watcher for Default Deployer]: Creating sensor failed. Error : 
The included command reference in a sensor (ID = 183) is not an event producer (Command id : 183, Type : 162)
# get-status.php


$statusfile = fopen("status.json","w");
while (1) {
    $res = http_get("http://$vera_ip:3480/data_request?id=lu_sdata");
    list($header, $html) = explode("\r\n\r\n", $res);
    ftruncate($statusfile, 0);
    fwrite($statusfile, $html);

Posted by emster at Apr 08, 2013 14:31

The How-To does not describe the new version which was mentioned in the newsletter.
Erwan is looking to make it availabe to a bigger test community.
I will give him a ping to look at this forum thread.

Posted by mredeker at Apr 09, 2013 09:28

Any news here? Who and where is Erwan?

Posted by emster at Apr 13, 2013 09:14
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