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I'm quite new to OR so maybe a stupid question:

Using OR with Micasaverde Vera.

For every Switch I have to define 3 http-commands (on, off, status), 1 sensor, 1 switch and 1 ui-element. The commands are always the same with different device-ids.

So I asked myself whether it could be possible to reuse these commands?

Wouldn't be great to use a variable in the url of the command like ?



is filled from the name field of the linked switch-object like
in the slider?
So you could link many switches to the same command. Even better would be an extra field "variables" in
the switch-object "var1;var2;var3" which you can use like
"${1}", "${2}"...

or put the variables in the name-field seperated with ";"...?

Best regards

Yes something like this should get implemented at some point.

Posted by juha at Apr 10, 2013 01:11
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