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I figure I would ask this question before attempting to install on my Win 7 machine. All the Documentation is based on XP is anyone running OR in Windows 7 or 8 and if so is there any special procedure I need to be aware of? Thank you in advace.


Hey Ron,

i installed OR on a Win7 64bit machine and it is running.
There are some workarounds concerning serial communication > you can find the solution for my issues in the forumpost "Can't find EnoCean-Controller"


Posted by wu3mi at Apr 10, 2013 10:19

Thank you Christoph,
I will be sure and check out your post as this is something I may be using in the future. Right now I am mainly using the RestFulWeb or HTTP commands.

Thanks again

Posted by datahead at Apr 10, 2013 17:24

Just avoid installing it under "Program Files" directory, since the space may cause issues

Or if you insist on installing under "Program Files", please use the binary that should include a fix for it. If everything seems to work ok, please report back to us. This would be useful to verify the fix and an easy way for you to contribute back to the project


Posted by juha at Apr 10, 2013 17:58
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