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I saved several screens a few days ago. My controller was sync'd and the UI was also in sync.

Today, I added a device and a corresponding sensor field in the UI. Both show up in the new UI, but it appears to be layered upon (based on) an earlier version of my UI screens (I have now lost a couple of screens in this process--they have completely disappeared). This does not appear to be an controller issue; rather it is a designer site issue.

Of course, I can (sigh) painfully go about replicating the screens (32 buttons on it, each with a specific command).

Help me not lose faith in this project.



It's more likely an issue on client side browser / javascript and caching (sending old designer state to be saved).

What's your account username?

Posted by juha at Apr 19, 2013 07:48

I started with that premise... My user name is

Here is my view of what happened:

  • My designer/controller/android client were all in sync (Sync point 'A').
  • I added a device and a new screen (could be some other minor mods)
  • Sync'd my controller with the designer (Sync point 'B')
  • Android client had all the screens and I tested the one screen in question
  • A day (or more +/-) passes, and I make a change to a screen (Sync point 'C')
  • When I sync'd the controller with the designer and viewed the client, it was based on sync point 'A', implying that anything related to sync point 'B' was lost.

No big deal: it's been recreated, but it was disconcerting.



Posted by mukeshsundaram at Apr 19, 2013 08:38
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