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Hello guys

What do you think of the actual media manager?
This thread is to list all of your suggestions about it. What you like and don't, which improvements could be done...

To me it would be interesting to have to possibility to classify images, perhaps by device or just by creating personal categories or folders.
A file browser like Windows' or Mac could help.

Your turn...

media-manager.jpg (image/jpeg)

Well, nobody's interested?

Posted by milimilo at May 06, 2013 18:43

I'd be interested in seeing UI sketches of the features you're thinking about, and thinking about the usability aspect of the design and not just a long list of desired features.

Posted by juha at May 07, 2013 20:20

I'm on it. I'll mail you some sketches.

Posted by milimilo at Jun 11, 2013 16:01

Here is my proposal for a new media manager + a page to upload new media files on a simple drag and drop (plus possibility to choose the destination group).
Your opinion?

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Posted by milimilo at Jun 11, 2013 23:14

I like the UI, looks fairly simple and self-explanatory.

Now the easy part is to find a developer who volunteers to implement it

Regardless, thanks for helping to specify the desired functionality.

Posted by juha at Jun 12, 2013 11:34

Hi, good idea.
Wouldn't it be interesting to have the size property of the Image in the left column? This could be easy to select the right image when you re designing for several devices with different resolution.
In addition, don t forget the view to the beehive image library.
I another good features would be to have this image classification on the beehive as well and have the capability to share the designed images with the community.
Finally, may out of the current scope, but it would be good to have the preview feature implanted at the template asset manager side.

Posted by yannph at Jun 13, 2013 11:24
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