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Hello all,

I am working on a project that uses multiple arduino megas to receive sensor data (ph, orp, ec, humidity, voltage, current, pressures, temperatures, and IR signals) and to control outputs (on/off, PWM, IR pulses, serial output, spi, etc...). Most of my hardware circuits are modifications of existing open source projects.

I have searched the forums for a comprehensive tutorial, but have found nothing. I plan to use the Ethernet shield for all communications to the arduino once they are deployed.

Is there a comprehensive tutorial anywhere for opennremote to Arduino communication?

If not, does someone have a complete example they could send me? I am not the greatest at coding, but I am very good at using examples and modifying them to suit.

I use Arduinos and Arduino variants (such as Jeenodes and Nanodes) in combination with OpenRemote. I use a TCP/IP connection to a separate server that collects the data and communicates with OpenRemote. However, I am using wireless communication to the sensors rather than Ethernet. Is there a reason you want to use Ethernet? It seems like a lot of cabling will be needed. If you are interested in what I have done there is a blog at My HouseControl server is open source. I will probably add plugins to it to communicate to Arduinos via Ethernet. I currently get temperature, humidity, motion detection, light level, soil moisture level, magnetic switch settings, wireless remote, and IR signals from Arduinos, and control light switches, sockets, infrared devices, and individual appliance monitors using them.

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We don't have anything related to Arduino on this site (yet? contributions welcome) so at the moment, checking on Google and asking users on this forum are the only options.

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