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How to reload (update) UI to iPhone?
I have done the following:
1) install controller
2) create test UI (with one button) in designer
3) instal OR app in iPhone
4) connect from iPhone to controller and load UI to iPhone
5) when press "done" in OR app in iPhone i get working panel with one button (i.e. all working OK)

But when in the designer I have created new version of UI, I am not able to load it iPhone because:

  • each time when i lunch OR app on iPhone the application starts with my first UI
  • i do not know how to switch OR app to initial state, where I can change the setting of OR app.

At this moment I found only one way:
1) uninstall OR app from iPhone
2) install it again
3) load new IU

It seems, that "uninstall & install OR app" is not a true way to update (or reload) UI to iPhone.
Thanks in advance.

Do a "rage shake" with the phone to take it back to settings.

You can also include a navigation link in your UI design that takes you back to settings.

Posted by juha at May 25, 2013 14:55

Thanks. It works.

Posted by xisxis at May 25, 2013 22:55
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