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Yes, I know, iPhone and Android are the best smartphones out there, but there are still some Blackberry phones used. And my wife complains that I always use her iPhone to play with OR.
Are there any plans to develop a console for Blackberry?
I tried the webconsole via the BB Browser and can open it and also find the conroller, however I can't enter the settings menu.
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I think the preference in this case would be to find the issue in webconsole and patch that to work with BB. Do you have any development experience with web technologies?

Posted by juha at Jun 03, 2013 11:53

Unfortunately not. Could only try to compare code parts that work with those who don't, provided I find the right parts relating to the settings and other webconsole buttons.

Posted by dgltx at Jun 06, 2013 03:12

If you add a button to navigate to settings menu in Online Designer, does that also not work, or do you mean the default action with webconsole (which I think is to press down for few seconds on empty background) to go back to settings menu?

Or do both not work?

Posted by juha at Jun 12, 2013 00:05
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