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First off, many kudos on the fantastic job you guys are doing ! Great work !
I'm a Java programmer, and would love to contribute to this project. I have also sent a mail to, no reply yet. Is there anything I need to do, specifically, to start working on the code? (Besides checking out and setting up my environment, etc)?

So sorry if this is intrusive, please excuse.

You can work on the code with just checking it out. If there's something specific you're looking to contribute back, then let us know.

Posted by juha at Jun 05, 2013 21:24

Oh, absolutely, I intend to contribute back to the code, that's the idea, totally. Let me check out, read up on architecture, and jump in. I should be able to get up to speed in a bit, when I'm clear about what I'm intending to bite at, first, I'll post here.
Thanks very much, this is brilliant work you guys are doing !

Posted by krish240574 at Jun 06, 2013 13:56
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