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I use the OR knx app as a simple remote throuh iPhone and Ipad.
I'havent got the time or xperience to design My ovn Openremote controller from scratch.

Though OR knx it's cheap, I think it's missing out on the design and features. I would actually pay more, for a better working app. There is a lot of xpensive knx servers out there. My xperience is that the little usage of the Controlling from iPad/phone, do not actually qualify for a need of a really advanced controller. Although I see difficulty, when the installation is getting big, and Logic,heat,controlls and scene managements is needed.

I am missing some simple controls in OR knx:

-In the scene function, recall and save with the same button, long press 5sec.

-combined objects, complex object With dim/ switch lamp there is the possibility to trigger up to tree fixed lamp scenes. Why is there only possible to send 1.Bit telegram? It would be great if it was possible to send value 0-255 here. Then we could use it to either scene recall or value to dimmer.

-support of dyndns, because of the difficulty With VPN without server running etc.or Advanced routers..

-Support of a fixed button, that can be used to send either 1.bit or 8 bit. Send only OFF, scene, value etc...

  • iPad resolution?

Thats just a few things.



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