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I am a total noob to OpenRemote, but I love the concepts and I am considering install.

I have Lutron and Insteon (ISY) hybrid in my home for lighting plus XBMC for entertainment.

My initial immediate need is to be able to do a simple bridge from Insteon (ISY) to Lutron (and back to insteon if possible).
??? If yes, I would dive into OR with hopes for much goodness...

I understand (conceptually) that I can "integrate" my ISY with an OR controller AND that I can "integrate" my Homeworks Lutron with the OR Controller...

The question is whether I can use the OR controller to "bridge" an ISY command to a Homeworks command.

Does anyone have an example of how to do this (assuming it is possible)...

Are the links between these devices "bi-directional" for both "status" and "action"???

I am also planning on installing an OR Controller on my Synology NAS at some point...

Can I make SYNOLOGY + LUTRON + ISY + XMBC magic happen???

I would be willing to subsidize open source development as needed!

Thanks a million in advance!

Don't think there are instructions for that particular combination yet.

For bridging, depends how you are defining it. If for example your use case is such that there's a single scene in which both the lutron and ISY participate in, then yes that's quite doable. Other type of "bridge" could be that a lighting switch is turned on which results in a notification on the lutron system which is detected by OR and causes a command action on ISY network.

These are typically "scenarios" in automation systems, somewhat higher level in logic than simply a "bridge" which in network terms is a lower level packet transportation between networks.


Posted by juha at Jul 02, 2013 08:09

First step would be to have your OR controller talk to both systems.

For simple scenarios, you can use a macro that includes command to both systems. A button linked to that macro will then trigger that scene in a transparent way.

For more advanced 2-way interaction, you'll need to use rules.
For instance, here is some example of translating from 1-wire to KNX. You would probably have to do something along the same lines.

Also note at this stage, that the Lutron protocol gives feedback on the selected scene on a GrafikEye, the value of a dimmer level and the status of keypad LEDs. It will not notify Open Remote when a key on a Lutron keypad is pressed.

As I've done the original Lutron implementation, if this is something you need, let me know and I'll take a quick look to point you (or anybody who wants to contribute on that one) in the right direction on how to add that (or have a look at implementing myself if I have time and nobody steps up for it).

Posted by ebariaux at Jul 02, 2013 09:37
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