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Dear Friends,

I wanted to test openremote and ordered Insteon and X10 sample kits. Ever since I have been trying to integrate Open Remote with my X10 and Insteon Systems and haven't found any success yet not even through the documentation.

I have successfully ported iPhone app using the Online Composer and Downloaded Controller. But when I click on the buttons to send the command, it never works.

Below is a snapshot of my testing process-

Devices Used:

-Insteon Hub
-X10 (USB controller)
-X10 LM/AM/Wired module
-Insteon Wired Micro

Testing Procedure:

  • I tried testing and interfacing two different protocols:
  • Interfaced X10 devices with the CM15PRO USB X10 controller
  • Connected Insteon wired micro modules and Marmitek X10 Appliance Module with Insteon Hub
  • Built the interface through Online Composer
  • Ported the application to iPhone through OpenRemote controller
  • Used all the possible combinations of X10 Addressing and Command combinations for CM15PRO USB X10 controller
  • Used all the possible combinations of X10 and ISY99i Addressing and Command combinations for Insteon Hub
  • Tried all the latest versions of OpenRemote, JDK (both 32-bit and 64-bit) along with other Bundled 3rd Party Softwares
  • Cross checked and verified my controller.xml for ISY99i from the sample XML found on forums
  • Searched OpenRemote documentation, Forums, Youtube and other Internet resources.

End Result:

The devices are working perfectly fine with their bundled softwares, but doesn't work with OpenRemote


Could you please guide and help me out in knowing where exactly I am going wrong?
Is an additional ISY99 box needed to communicate with Insteon Hub ?
I seek your support in getting my first prototype ready.

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Hello Rohan,

For Insteon, the ISY-99 is currently required: OpenRemote 2.0 How To - Insteon We don't have native support for Insteon Hub yet.

For X10, the CM15A integration is currently accomplished via mochad on Linux. CM11A is available on other systems too. Instructions here:

Posted by juha at Jul 13, 2013 16:23

Dear Juha,

Many thanks for your speedy reply.

I need to explore mochad and will give it a try. But having recently imported Insteon and its micros, they look like a waste to me until I get ISY99 box. The fact that these devices are not available in India, makes it more complicated to have everything imported, which definitely calls for extra import duty and delay.

I was planning for multiple installations, but buying a separate ISY99i box for each Insteon installation will significantly raise the cost of installation. If I stick to X10 USB controller, then I am making a forced compromise to use an older and soon-to-be-outdated technology.

Insteon is a promising technology at least for few upcoming years. I really hope to see some native OpenRemote interfacing with Insteon soon, probably in the next release of the software.

BTW, do we have native Insteon support planned in upcoming OR releases?


Posted by justrohu at Jul 15, 2013 00:51

Native Insteon support has been discussed. It can emerge in either of two ways 1) as a contribution from the community and incorporated into our main releases 2) as a prioritized and paid for development effort to be included in our releases.

The discussion has been focused on the latter and so far there's no willingness to compensate the developers to include the native support. There hasn't been an active discussion on native Insteon support from the community as of yet.

Posted by juha at Jul 16, 2013 11:00

Hi Juha, apologies for the delayed reply. I was actually working on a prototype to test the Insteon devices, so truly speaking having this as a paid development will be a little too much for me at the moment. I would love to see this in OR release sometime soon.

Moreover, I could have definitely helped in terms of community development, but my area of expertise is into Legacy systems and ERP's, and none of the technologies used by OR.

So I am really sorry that I may not be able to support it now. But I will definitely revert back to you when I feel I am in a better position to do so.

Thanks for your help and I really hope that someone in the community takes the lead.

Posted by justrohu at Aug 17, 2013 22:04
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