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Many remote apps for smartphones allow us to assign functions to the hardkeys of the device, for example controlling the volume of a device with the volume keys on the phone. Is this something that can be or will be done in Openremote?

Also, somewhat unrelated except in that it is specific to the devices we are running this on, is there support for turning off the screen etc after a few seconds of non-use, and coming back on without having to unlock the screen?

Hi Bob,

"Supporting" hard buttons depends much on the hardware being used. So which device were you thinking of?

Unlock the screen: IIRC at least in the early days on iOS there was no way to do this, the SDK and Apple didn't support working around the unlock screen. The music app was the only exception and I recall some people working around it by playing a tuneless song in the background of their app. Don't know if any of that has changed but if Apple doesn't support it, then nothing we can do about it.

I haven't looked/heard what the situation with regards to bypassing unlock screen is on Android. IIRC early stock Android's didn't have an unlock screen at all, and you had to install a screen lock separately. I'm not up-to-date what the situation might be on Android's currently.

Posted by juha at Jul 18, 2013 12:41

Yes, I am thinking of Android. I know, for example, the MBHRemote allows us to assign a command to any of the GUI keys as well as to the hard volume buttons. Ideally I would like these plus at least one or two others, so that vol up/down, mute, and maybe pause would be accessible by touch and without having to unlock the screen etc.

I don't mean bypassing unlock screen per se, but many of the remote apps I've seen keep the screen from locking at all; they go black, but aren't truly locked, so it's instantly accessible. For home theater use, having to push a button to pull the screen back up, then swipe to unlock it, just to get to the point where you can push a button is a big stumbling block for me.

Posted by pastycakes at Jul 18, 2013 20:57

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a useful feature and something to think about for the Android app development. There's no schedule for new features for Android at the moment but would definitely consider this if someone from the community picks up on it. Otherwise will keep it under consideration when we next time have more resources to put into Android development.

Posted by juha at Jul 23, 2013 10:09
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