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Previously used a free controller and installation problems was not, but now has switched to a paid version Designer Professional and I can't update controller installed on Synology DS-413 and DS-211j. To use the command line on a professional level, I can not, therefore, ask for help in installing. I would be grateful if someone write a step by step guide on how to install the controller Pro on Synology.

Do you already have the free version running on the Synology?
So you are looking for a guide to upgrade from free to pro on Synology?

Posted by mredeker at Sep 02, 2013 09:12

I would like to see the manual upgrade to the Pro version. Yes.

Posted by boorator at Sep 02, 2013 15:06

Did you use the Synology How-to to install free version?

Posted by mredeker at Sep 02, 2013 15:44


Did you ever get an answer to this?
I own a DS-412+ and are currently running the package referred to in the How-To install the free version.
However the controller in the package (PCLOADLETTER)is running an older version of the controller (2.0.1-0008).
This gives me some problems regarding scenes and also the graph functions (RRD4J), basically it is not working.

If anyone has a step by step on how to upgrade or install OR Controller with Tomcat on Synology it would be very helpful.

Posted by istian at Oct 10, 2013 19:39
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