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Hi People,

Preamble - I'm a windows user and have little to no idea about Linux platforms. I have a XP machine with Misterhouse running and I would like to move everything over to my Synology box.

I have a Synology DS412+ that I have successfully installed the Openremote package and my Android phone quite happily brings up interfaces from the Synology box.
What I would like to do is get some of the cooler things that are in Beta packages and run them on my Synology box, this would bring it closer to getting rid of my Misterhouse machine.
Things I currently use in Misterhouse and would like to have running on my Synology Openremote box are -
1. Serial Ports - Currently used for talking to my On Screen Display, 1Wire interface, X10
2. Text to Speech - Announces web weather, local weather, time, Vehicle Announcements (Cars leaving and going)
3. Email notifications.

So how do I install the downloaded Zip file for the "Emails, Text-to-Speech, Serial Port"?
Opening the zip file on my Win7 machine shows virtually the same thing folder structure & files that are already installed.
Will this override settings I already have in place?

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards,

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