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via a custom sensor I am receiving a string like "07F000CE0E0F23320F2332232302014646000026070F".

Via OR I can use Telnet or TCP commands. By using the TCP command the string is received correctly and an RegEx like "07F0...." will give me the wanted string back --> "07F0" + the next four characters.

By usung a Telnet command I see that string inside the custom sensor as well, but as soon as I am applying a RegEx inside the Telnet command

Read RegEx Filter: 07F0....
Read RegEx Group: 0
Default Read Response: <empty>

So after entering this OR is no longer polling the device and the sensor shows "N/A". If I remove the RegEx Filter and the Group I see my whole string and the device is polled.

Is there any difference in the syntax between the Telnet RegEx and the TCP command RegEx? If yes, can anybody give me a hint?



Posted by icefluffy at Sep 14, 2015 22:16
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