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New to OpenRemote and trying to design a UI - but I cant find any public templates. And I canĀ“t find any information about it in the forum, documentation or by searching... What am I doing wrong?


In the UI designer create panel and a group. Then select the group and do "New Screen from template".
You will find some public templates but nothing interesting at the moment.

Posted by mredeker at Nov 23, 2013 19:52

Thanks Marcus,

Actually what I probably meant was "Widget templates" (If that exists??). I have seen a number of nice sliders but how can I create a new slider, or use some kind of templates other then the standard one in Designer?

Posted by ddellham at Nov 24, 2013 20:55

For sliders, you need images for the different pieces of a slider.

Posted by mredeker at Nov 24, 2013 22:54
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