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I have just baught iTach IP2IR for testing.
I am intent to use 3-4 of this in the same network and access them remotely from other network.
I have installed and configure OpenRemote.
My question is how do i change the port 4998 to any other port so i can use all of the iTach on the same network?

Ooops. Sorry for that. I have posted on the wrong forum

You can not (at least not documented). But you do not need it either, since they will all have their own unique IP-address. Make sure you assign them static IP-addresses, do not just rely on DHCP.

BTW, consider buying iTach Flex instead, they are more flexible (as the name suggests), more modern, and (IIRC) basically the same price.

Posted by barf at Dec 05, 2013 18:56

Thanks Bengt for your reply

As i said, i will access them remotely through the internet so the internal ip (static or not) will not fix the problem.
Each device should have it's own port number so the router to know where to redirect the commands. The port forwarding will not work for sure.

Posted by chrism at Dec 06, 2013 07:47

Normally your router can do that. 5 external ports are mapped to 5 internal ip's which can all use the same port.

Posted by mredeker at Dec 06, 2013 07:59


You are absolutely right. I forgot this capability of the routers. So i will program my openremote remote control to send commands to defferent port for each iTach and the router will forward that port to port 4998 of the defined ip.

Thanks for the help

Posted by chrism at Dec 06, 2013 09:52
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