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If you have a z-wave switch, can you comment on how it updates OpenRemote? Does a wall switch report back its new status when it has changed? I'd love to know before I invest any more in my Z-Wave setup.

I only have 1 Z-Wave device and am disappointed to find that when I turn it on (at the device), it does not report back to OpenRemote that the status has changed. I've created a workaround by polling the status occasionally but the solution is not ideal.

Some, but not all seem to do that. I have a couple of Z-Wave>Me wall switches, that do report their status. These are modified Duwi switches. They are still available, but it seems that production has stopped.
Since I am not using it, I don't know if the OpenRemote Z-Wave protocol detects that manualy changed switch.

Posted by pz1 at Dec 11, 2013 16:55

I have a device from Fibaro - relay FGS-221 and dimmers FGD-211. They have a group of Association "Report any State Change". To add to this group controller, then the device will send status when switching. In OpenRemote I haven't found a way to change the device settings I used for this service Z-cloud from

Posted by preston at Dec 11, 2013 18:52

Thanks for responding. It sounds like you have to tell the device that it's part of an association. Can you clarify how you set that up? Is that what you configure using Z-cloud?

Posted by jda at Dec 11, 2013 19:49

Yes, associations can be configured using Z-cloud. From Quick_Reference "Set Associations. Drag target devices into the windows of the different association groups (Black icon: the Association is in the device and in the Z-Way, Red Icon: the Association is only in Z-way but not in device yet, Gray Icon: the Association is in device but not in Z-Way). Store all association and configurations using "Save into Device""

Posted by preston at Dec 12, 2013 07:26
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