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I have run into another little problem. I am trying to return a long string using the TCP/IP command. It seems as though I am getting only part of the string. Exactly 200 characters!!

Does anyone know if this is some kind of OpenRemote limitation? Is it simply a fail safe just in case something would return an infinity long string?

BTW, I am trying to return the status of a squeezebox server so that I can parse out what artist and track is coming up next, using the command,

status - 2 tags%3Aa

...the string length I am trying to return is ~600-1000 characters, it will vary depending on artist name and song title lengths.

Other info:
Designer (Markab)
running controller on a win7 OS


TCPSocketCommand.class (application/octet-stream)

It's a limitation of OpenRemote. We started with a buffer of 200 and so far nobody needed more

Posted by mredeker at Dec 15, 2013 11:36


Thanks for your reply. Any chance of getting the limitation increased? I am running out of options to get the upcomming track info from the squeeze server music player.


Posted by skogen75 at Dec 15, 2013 15:20

Could you try this file: TCPSocketCommand.class
You have to replace the one in: webapps/controller/WEB-INF/classes/org/openremote/controller/protocol/socket/

Posted by mredeker at Jan 02, 2014 23:29


I'm back on the modbus TCP subject, so now i can send requests to the server, wireshark see the frames like real modbus frames and i tried it with a modbus tcp simulator and it works good.
but now i'm intrested on how to used the reads fonctions of modbus but i don't see how to use the return status with TCP/IP commands could you help me with that ???

Posted by adrian1983 at Jan 04, 2014 13:28
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