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I am trying to install Raz-OR. So far so good with the install of openremote and the Razzberry.

I am stuck on "Configure Razberry automation engine". I'm supposed to ADD openremote.js to the config.json file but I can't find the code listed below.

"customCodeFiles": [ "custom.js" ]

I've been looking around for a while now but can't find the solution.

My Razzberry is a 1.4.1. Am I going to have full functionality with openremote or not? The tutorial still says that I will not...

Thanks for the help.

I run 1.4.1 with this config.json:

So for the time being that would work. I understood from that they intend to bundle RaZ-OR (or a further development of it) with a following release.

Hope this config.json works for you

Posted by pz1 at Dec 15, 2013 14:04

Ok Perfect, thanks for that.

I'v been searching for the next solution then.

I use following url for a button in Openremote -> it works. (Also works in browser) devices[4].SwitchBinary.Set(0) devices[4].SwitchBinary.Set(255)

When I try to use the shortversion from your openremote.js for a button i have no reaction. Seems to me that the openremote.js file is not used by my openremote configuration.,0) not working,0) not working

I'm not using a real switch device but one of those powerplugs to put between the plug and a lamp.

Getting a status does not work either.

Any advice...

Posted by somersmaarten at Dec 15, 2013 17:24

For me http://raspberry:8083/JS/Run/SwitchBinaryOn(4,0) works as expected. By sheer coincidence Device 4 in my installation is a DueWi Plugin switch.

Did you reboot your Pi after changing the contents of config.json?

Posted by pz1 at Dec 15, 2013 17:35

Yes, already did a reboot. I'll try again and search the forum. Thanks.

Posted by somersmaarten at Dec 15, 2013 18:03

I deleted the config.json and made it again, after reboot it is working. Only the SwitchBinaryStatus(4,0) still doesn't work.

Posted by somersmaarten at Dec 15, 2013 22:09


SwitchBinaryStatus(4,0) did not work in Openremote because I put "on | off" instead of "on|off" as the regular expression.

Nice, switches all work. Tomorrow I'll try to put timers on them.

Good night!

Posted by somersmaarten at Dec 16, 2013 00:52
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