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I've been looking for a 7" tablet to use as a lounge remote and, as if by magic, carphone warehouse came up with an offer i couldnt refuse! I now have a samsung mobile, samsung tab3 and a cheaper tariff

The challenging part is designing a panel for the 1024x600 android tablet. My first idea was to use custom panel, set it to match the tablet, create a background to match the panel, and add my existing button designs and commands. The result was an oversized panel. So I resized the panel and background until it fitted. A quick test is a new panel with 2 buttons, 1 top-left and 1 bottom-right. This ended up as 550x320.

So I had another shot using the smaller size and decreased the button sizes and images to suit. This all looks like a good fit but with one small problem - All the graphics get a little distorted on the tablet. I'm guessing there is rezising going on somewhere, so any diagonal lines in my graphics look like they have been drawn by hand! Curiously the same panel, albeit too small, looks perfectly resized on all 3 of the android phones with no distortion.

So I think the question is - is there a quide to what size panel to use so the tablet doesnt resize it? Or am I stuck with a particularly dodgy samsung tablet with iffy graphics?


Hello Rich, did you ever solved this problem?

I found your question because I'm planning to buy exactly the same screensize of tablet and i'm struggling with the background size...

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Posted by oliviertoebosch at Jul 18, 2015 09:37

Indeed I did!

There is more than one version of the OR designer and had success using this one (Markab_MODELER-537-548-507):-

The version I was using previously (Markab) which is where the main menu takes you may have been updated now which was this one:-

hope this helps

Posted by rich.sperrin at Jul 20, 2015 11:44
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