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Hi guys,

I finished some hardware (energy, water and gas monitor) and now I wanted to send UDP packets over Wifi back to OpenRemote.

I found that the UDPListener in the latest release is not functional and is passing a timestamp instead of the actual data. This is confirmed on this forum and some people offered binaries to address this.

Instead of using the binaries I figured I'd download the source so that I can add additional features that I need (and hopefully a new protocol)..

I started with the latest snapshot "Controller_2_1_0_FM_SNAPSHOT-20130617" which builds and deploys just fine so i'm able to incorporate/make the changes I need..

My question is however.. where would I find the latest patches like the one for the UDPListener .. or even better, what do you guys consider to be the current "trunk" in which all patches are merged towards the next point release?

I noticed people have their own workspace, but how would I find a certain fix/patch someone already created so I'm not reinventing the wheel?

I also see the Patches folder, but going by the log entries is cumbersome and typically dooesn't tell me much... i'm probably missing a web-page somewhere that tells me the current status on the patches?

Bottomline: I hope the above makes sense.. i'm looking to contribute in the future, but first I need to get in sync with "the current".


There's no trunk, but tags that serve as stable snapshots or releases and individual workspaces for things that are considered work in progress.

Haven't had time to work on the UDP listener patch so it's on the forums at the moment, and in the binary Michal is distributing.

Patches that have been released and are considered stable are in the patches folder. They have an issue identifier which you can find in


Posted by juha at Dec 24, 2013 06:07

I've submitted the UDP patch to my workspace
@Bas You can start with your spinoff from here.

Posted by aktur at Dec 24, 2013 11:48

Thanks Michal, I ended up just copying in the code/patch, got everything up and running now.

Posted by bass at Dec 28, 2013 17:22

Guys, when I end up making small additions which I happen to need for specific rule processing, where would I post/describe those?

For example, I added "public Switch.State getState()" to the SwitchAdapter so I could check the state from within a rule before I started snowballing execution of events (to work around the unidirectional actuators state problem (Enocean))

Maybe though, it would have been preferred to add getSwitch() instead of getState() so one could use getSwitch.getState() and ultimately be more flexible...?

(p.s. where to change or whom to ask to make the width of the rules editor larger??)

Posted by bass at Dec 29, 2013 00:29

(p.s. where to change or whom to ask to make the width of the rules editor larger??)

This is high on the todo list. IIRC it has been announced for the next release

Posted by pz1 at Dec 29, 2013 08:52

Will be part of Pro 1.0.12 (MODELER-526) that should be released this month.

Posted by ebariaux at Jan 02, 2014 10:35
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