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Hi guys,
Probably only something the OR devs can help with, but I was wondering if there is some way to restore my online Markab designer account to approx one week ago. For some reason a problem has developed with my account. My user interfaces (mainly android) hang when trying to load up the panel GUI. When it hangs, I can see the text flashing by at the bottom of the screen is trying to load misnamed PNG files and other files that no longer exist.

I have removed and re-installed all my android web-consoles and the main OR controller on my Synology NAS in case I had some kind of local caching issue but it hasn't worked. To confirm my suspicions I created a second online designer account and recreated a few of my commands and screens. That all worked fine when I synced to my new 'second' account, so I can only assume I messed up something in my main online designer account.

If my account can be rolled back it would save me days of effort recreating it. Any state the it could be restored to, even in the last few months, would be fine.

Yes, please send your user account name to juha at openremote org

Posted by juha at Jan 21, 2014 00:59
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