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I've been toying around with openremote for a few days now and got everything functionally working, but I'm facing some issues with designing a layout for my nexus 10 tablet.
The tablet has a resolution of 2560x1600, so I thought that by creating a custom panel with this resolution I would be able to fully use the screen. The problem is that when I open the panel on the tablet I only get to see the top left part of the panel.

Any ideas how to solve this? should I use another resoluition?

I've also thied the standard ipad template, but that gives me the same error, in the designer it looks like this:

but on the nexus 10, it looks like this:

Hi Erik,

I had a similar issue with the Ipad mini retina. I fixed the issue by lowering the resolution to half the actual resolution.

In your case this would mean that instead of 2560 x 1600 you use 1280 x 800. Just give it a try and let me know if it works for you. This seems to be a strange issue with the android and ios apps.

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Posted by tjoek at Jan 20, 2014 11:03

Hi - One other thing you can try - are you using the android app on the play store? If so, uninstall it and try some of the newer Android Consoles available on sourceforge.

The one from September 2013 (it has the highest number of downloads) seems to work best for me. I don't have a Nexus device, but found similar issues with some Samsung
Galaxy devices... I recall the different versions of the consoles exhibiting different behaviors. You should be able to find one that works hopefully

Posted by holeymoley at Jan 21, 2014 00:37

Installing the version from sourceforge did the trick, thanks Paddy! I now am able to use the full screen, although I do have to scroll around a lot in the designer, but that's just becaus my PC screen now has a lower resolution than mu tablet :|

Posted by erikl1982 at Jan 26, 2014 19:17

Glad that worked for you. Scrolling around the screen is a bit of a pain, but what I do is (using Chrome Browser) zoom out
using "CTRL & -" key when I need to re-arrange and line up all my icons. It makes the tool bar areas on the left and right of screen hard to use when doing this, but it will allow you to see your entire design at once without scrolling. Once you have it all lined up correctly, you can restore normal zoom level and apply or change and configurations to your graphic elements.

Posted by holeymoley at Jan 28, 2014 22:38
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