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Hi all

I run ClamAV on my NAS (which runs the OpenRemote server).

I also store the Android client there, and I have started getting virus alerts about :

...claiming they have "Andr.Trojan.Opfake-2"

This may well be a false positive, but wanted to raise it just in case - as invariably it may show up on other systems as well. I'm now running a scan on my handset (with AVG) to see if that moans, or if it's just ClamAV. It only started doing this the other day, so it's either a false positive or an update which is now picking something up.

The version of the app from the Google Play Store scans ok with AVG on a handset, and I don't have the above snapshots installed on an Android device, so can't check those as easily presently.

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