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Hi guys,

Just wondering if someone can provide an update on the TCP listener functionality? For all of us Squeezebox users, the ability to only update a sensor when a new track starts playing (using the subscribe function) would be a welcome function. I'm afraid that Squeezebox community is not interested in implementing a UDP subscribe function otherwise I would use that function with OpenRemote UDP listener.

I'm wanting to implement a set of sensors that return the current and next 5-10 tracks in a playlist but polling for updates at a short enough time period to update the track list (1 second) really bogs down the entire system. However, using the Squeezebox command line interface subscribe function and a TCP listener on the other end, I would only get data when a subscribed event occurs.

Thanks, and keep up the good work.


Do you have a link to the API which Suqueezebox is using?

Posted by mredeker at Jan 30, 2014 08:26

I have a link to the command line interface (CLI). This is what I use for sending commands and polling for data; I would like to use the subscribe command to reduce the amount of polling occurring. (I know, it's a strange link; it will ask to download a htm file which has the CLI implementation data).

Link to the CLI:,d.cGU

Here is what I found for an API. I haven't investigated further, however. Seems more like another interface for the CLI.

Python API

Java API

Let me know if you need or were looking for something different.


Posted by skogen75 at Jan 30, 2014 19:56
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