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Hello. I've been using OpenRemote for a couple of years now, and it has been great for straightforward home automation. I'm now thinking of adding some LED light controllers that are controlled by IR, and I wanted to provide a bit more intelligence behind the command execution. There will be four light controllers, each of which will be controlled with a GlobalCache Wifi-to-IR device, but all of the light controllers operate on the same remote codes. I would like a button on the OpenRemote remote that I've created to use conditional execution based on the value of some on-screen switches (i.e., variable states). For example, one of the remote buttons will switch the lights to a red color. I would like there to be four switches on the screen, each setting an "on/off" state for each of the four light controllers. Then, when the user presses "red" on the OpenRemote remote, I would like the execution to be something like the following:

if LightController1 = on_state, then sendIR "redcommand" to LightController1
if LightController2 = on_state, then sendIR "redcommand" to LightController2
if LightController3 = on_state, then sendIR "redcommand" to LightController3
if LightController4 = on_state, then sendIR "redcommand" to LightController4

Is there a way to hook this sort of "if/then" logic to a single command button within OpenRemote? Any tutorial you can provide or point me to?

Thanks (and thanks for the great platform)!

Look for In-memory Virtual Command and Rule.

Posted by pz1 at Feb 23, 2014 08:11
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