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I am trying to disable controller uploading of the designer config files, and set the resource.upload.enable in designer and uploaded it.
However, I can still select offline, and upload a file.

I did a workspace search within the Controller app, and could not find any use of the variable. Does the controller not have this functionality yet? Or am I missing something?


Never used that feature but from what I can see in the source code, it'll not impact the UI, only throw an error when you actually try to update the configuration via the Web interface.

Have you actually tried to upload the file ? Did it correctly update the configuration ?

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 04, 2014 12:59

I just tried it with offline mode, and it allowed me to upload a new zip.

I want to access my controller via the iOs app from away from my house. So I figure I need to disable public access to my configuration and then just open up a port on the firewall. Is there a different approach I didn't think of?

I already uncommented the security constraints, but as you probably know that doesn't protect that home page as far as I can tell.


Posted by craigham at Mar 04, 2014 18:31

You can change the security constraint to e.g. protect /* as the URL. This way, nothing on that server would be accessible without authentication.

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 05, 2014 13:22
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