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Hi I've been playing with Tasker for Android which is a very powerful tool and I think fills a few gaps where openremote is less strong. In particular because it is handset based it can do voice recognition and also knows if your tablet/phone is connected to the network. So for example when I leave the house it kills openremote and when I get home it fires it up.

Ultimately I think I could set it up so it knows whereabouts in the house I am so that OR can show relevant panels. Two areas which would help this are:

1. Can I pass a parameter to OR controller so that it loads specific panels? I guess this could either be on startup at the controller end or perhaps dynamically whilst OR is running via from the server.

2. I have used the Rest API to send voice commands to OR which works. Is there a way for tasker to query the state of switches? Is this exposed in anyway. Lets say I leave the house and there are some lights on it could tell me or even send an email/sms if something happens at the house.

1. The controller knows about all the panels defined in your configuration, it does not select one or have one active. The consoles on the other hand, let the user pick the panel that he/she wants to use.
So I suppose you mean that you'd like that Android console to be able to pick a given panel based on some parameter passed when launching it.
I don't know the Android console very well but I'm pretty sure it does not offer something like that right now, though it should be possible to implement that.

2. You have the status and the poll REST API calls on the controller that will provide your with sensor status. See

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 11, 2014 11:24

Thanks Eric -

1. Yes I think that would be the best to call the console passing a panel name as a parameter on startup. Alternatively if the console was already open it would just open the panel associated to a given room.

2. I'll try the status for the sensor. Do the sensors always keep the same numbering when I make design changes or can I use a real name/variable?

Posted by jules_bike at Mar 11, 2014 18:03

Yes, forgot to mention that 2 is a bit of an issue as sensor ids might change between export/sync of your configuration.
At this stage, there is no way yet to request sensor values by name.

A workaround for an external process to get that information by name is tedious and would go something like:

  • have a "fake" UI where you have labels, linked to the sensors you need to get access to
  • have the sensor name you want as the label original text
  • in your process, request panel.xml from controller
  • by parsing panel.xml, you can match label text with sensor id

This is clearly something that will get addressed at some point

Posted by ebariaux at Mar 13, 2014 12:23
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