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I am trying to integrate OpenRemote to control my automation center.
Currently, I have something setup similar to what you can see here:
Essentially, I have custom android code that receives data through the RF24 module from my PI and its RF24 module.

The script I am trying to run is fairly similar to the "switch.cpp" that is seen in the link.
OpenRemote is able to run it with the correct commands, but for some reason I cannot get it to read any Return values or to do any polling.

If you take a look at "switch.cpp" in the link provided, you can see where it returns a 0 or 2 for success or fail.
I have it setup to return other values depending what the arduino says.

Currently, my open remote is setup:
protocol: Shell execution protocol
Command parameter: -f status
Polling interval: 5s
RegularExpression: (5|6|7|8)\sreceived
Sensor name: status (just a text sensor for now)

I can monitor my arduino and see whenever the switch script is called. It works fine if I call it as pushing just a button, but the polling interval does not seem to ever trigger it.
The return value never seems to make it to Openremote to update the sensor.

Does OpenRemote support c++ coding?
Am I missing something?

I apologize, I am completely new at this but could not find anything that was relevant to what I am seeing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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